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      Lane-Keeping System | Ford Co-Pilot 360? Technology

      Lane-Keeping System

      Illustration showing camera of Lane Keeping System scanning lane markers

      It happens to the best of drivers. A moment of distraction — and you start drifting. But there’s the available Lane-Keeping System that can assist you when this occurs,* using a camera that scans lane markings on both sides of your vehicle.10The system has three modes: Lane-Keeping Aid applies steering torque to direct you back to the center of the lane. Lane-Keeping Alert warns you through steering wheel vibrations that simulate driving over a rumble strip. You can set the system to activate either the Alert or Aid mode, or both. And Driver Alert sends out warnings in the message center when it detects repeated lane drifts — a reminder to pull over and take a break.


      *Lane-Keeping System does not control steering.

      See How It Works

      Helps Keep You on the Right Track

      Lane-Keeping System Availability

      (Standard and Optional)